handshakeOur virus removal experts scan deep into computer operating systems beyond the reaches of traditional software purchased at local retailers. In comparison to our competitors, who most often remove “seeable” symptoms, we eliminate threats using a sophisticated “23 step removal/cleanup process.” This process includes manual searching within the computer registry, settings, computer applications, and additional areas within the computer infrastructure. This not only removes infections, it also restores all processes to their original working order at the speeds which they ran at when the system was first purchased!

For decades, computers have been targeted by programmers who write malicious programs to infiltrate systems and obtain critical personal data. In an age where our personal information and bank accounts are managed by our computers, we believe that safety is a must. It is often believed that computer users that are running security software on their machines are safe from intrusion and that their data is safe. However, while antivirus software may block many common methods of entry for intruders, sophisticated attacks are being developed every day to bypass antivirus software. They can often be in the form of illegal music downloading, pornography, “free” games online, news emails and even more recently: Facebook links.

In a malicious email, a virus can be embedded in the link, and certain antivirus programs may find it suspicious and ask if you are certain that you trust the sender. Unfortunately, if you choose to continue, you are giving “permission” to that link (and whatever is in it) to enter your computer. This is just one of the ways a virus can circumvent your defenses and enter your computer. Once such a virus has taken up residence in your computer, it is far more difficult to remove. Common symptoms are a slow computer, freezing, blue screens or crashes, internet disconnects, and constant pop ups and fake virus alerts asking you to buy their products. At the very minimum, we encourage regular “check-ups” to verify that a computer has not been targeted by the most recent virus. Whether your computer is in complete lockdown, or if it is just running slower than an arthritic turtle, we offer the remedy to get you up and running properly and efficiently.