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Had a presentation for school and needed to learn the basics of photoshop as quickly as possible. Not only was I set up with a class that VERY SAME DAY but I received the skills in one sitting to get my project completed within a few hours as opposed to drowing in all the options that can be overwhelming in photoshops robust structure!

Seymour, CT

jared referral

May 6, 2013


Thank you so much for your prompt and efficient PC service when my work computer stopped functioning last week.  I appreciate how quickly you were able to troubleshoot and correct the virus issues that I had.  I also appreciate your patience in explaining the problem to me and advising me as to how I can prevent issues in the future.  I appreciate your honest advice about what I should and shouldn’t be buying in regard to my computer.  Thanks for not ripping me off either – you easily could of because my computer expertise is limited.  I’ll definitely recommend your services because I feel so fortunate to have found someone I can trust with my PC, phone, laptop, Wii, Nintendo…            

Sincerely, Karin Tuke

Beacon Falls, CT


Had the Yellow Light Of Death. Less than 24hr Turnaround time!
  I just wanted to thank you for your help in repairing my computer. I was having trouble with my computer and called the company I purchased it from, they diagnosed the problem just by me telling them ( over the phone) what trouble I was having. I hung up the phone and ,something just did not sit right with me of what they were saying. My father told me about a place in Seymour  that just opened (Trusted Relations)
I called there, the staff that I spoke with, was very friendly and, very patient with listening to what I was saying( I don’t know much about computers) I brought the computer in.
They called me several times giving me updates on what they found. ( had nothing to do with the diagnoses I got over the phone from the company) Even when I got the computer back home, the owner called to see how things where going with the computer.
Over the last several years I, have found that customer  service, is becoming a thing of the past.
I was very pleased to see that This new Business was all about customer service.
The bottom line is, The company that made the computer diagnosed the problem wrong, and for the money they wanted to repair it. I could have purchased a new computer. I found (Trusted  Relations)  not only to be wonderful with their  service but also, the price was very fare for the work they did.
If any one is in need of computer service please, give this new business a try. I am sure you will be very pleased with them, as I was.
Thank You Joshua and your staff.



“Hi Josh.  Just to say thanks so much to you and Cliff for my little computer class.  Cliff is a great teacher – extremely knowledgeable, patient and understanding and good at figuring out what you need to know when you don’t know what you need to know.  Taking his advice, I even was able to set up my router and can now take my laptop all over the house.  I’ll be sure to come back to you and Cliff whenever I need techie help and will recommend you both to all my friends and neighbors.”

Thanks again,
I use my laptop for business, and it holds all of my very important documents. I was devastated when I came across a horrible virus-all of my icons and documents disappeared! I promptly brought the laptop down to The Computer Clinic where I recieved fast, friendly, and courteous service! My laptop was ready within three days and running in “brand new” condition! I will now bring all of my technology issues to The Computer Clinic!!
Salvatore L.

From: Bella Donna Mortis
Sent: Sun, April 24, 2011 7:23:21 PM
Subject: thanks for a great computer

I was just reading the Trusted Relations blog and wanted to say how much I’m still enjoying the custom built computer you made for me a couple of years ago. It still runs beautifully and is whisper-quiet. This is without doubt my most favorite computer I’ve ever had :) Thank you!