Full List of Services:

Computer Repair, this includes both software and hardware trouble. Viruses are taken care of as well as any other failures that can occur. This includes Apple Macintosh computer troubles.

Video Game System Repair, this includes all software and hardware troubles you may be experiencing.

Handheld Device Repair (Phones, Tablets, iPods etc)

Teach Classes. These are one on one tutorials to learn whatever it is that a client is looking for. Offerings include Photoshop, new operating systems, computer basics, tablet operation, etc

Build and Maintain Websites. We have a team of highly skilled website designers who not only build websites but can get you to the top of search results for the different search engines.

Onsite IT. We have a drive out team to service your onsite needs. Our technicians are skilled in the areas of networks, servers, phone systems, CCTV systems (Video Surveillance), and of course everything that we do in house.

Computer IT Retail Shop. Our location based in Seymour CT is the homebase for operations. Here we have a plethora of inventory, and the technicans in house to care for your systems.We also host a sales floor where we offer new and refurbished computers, laptops, and other electronic devices.

Product Supply. We have distributors as close as Stamford that provide us with new and refurbished electronic equipment that can be provided to you. From servers to tablets as well as video cameras we can get you the equipment that you need.

– Specialized Jobs. We try our best to go above and beyond when it comes to jobs and have taken on some specialized jobs in the past such as: electronic keyboard repair, musical amps, car stereos, gps’s, large television sets, older cell phones and more. Curious if we can help with a device, just call.

– Cloud Management. We offer a data storage option where your data is backed up offsite to ensure that in the event of a failure of onsite pcs, your data will be safe and able to be reloaded onto your systems. This automatic backup will be utilized in order to make sure you can rest at night knowing if anything happens you will not lose your records and important digital files.

– Upgrade services. Looking to upgrade your systems with newer software? We have distributors for this as well. All 100% licensed.

If there is anything that you are curious about please ask. Pricing varies of course depending on the job as well as the exact models of the equipment in question. Contracts are available but also you can always call for a quote on any item.