Our comphandshakeuter technicians pride themselves on their ability to conduct repairs at the lowest hardware level. If necessary, our technology professionals are qualified to detect motherboard malfunctions regarding microchips or capacitors, and replace these parts to ensure your computer functions flawlessly. Whether your machine is a laptop, desktop, tablet, all-in-one-pc, or console system, our highly skilled technicians are ready to troubleshoot and repair any issues on these devices at your convenience.

In many cases, a client may notice constant freezing, difficulties turning on a machine, black or blue screens, and constant error messages. Certain instances may at first glance seem like a viral infection, but upon closer examination, our troubleshooting has found alternative reasons as to why a computer is not functioning properly. In addition to repair, our location is equipped with the latest technology hardware upgrades to improve performance. Whether you want to be surrounded by six screens at once to keep up with fast trading stocks, or you want to play the latest pc games available we are ready to assist you for all your upgrading needs.