Computer Clinic In-house Services:

At our physical storefront in Seymour, CT we offer a full service repair shop with a number of specialty options. We provide the following in-house:

Computer Repair, this includes both software and hardware trouble. Viruses are taken care of as well as any other failures that can occur. This includes Apple Macintosh computer troubles.

Video Game System Repair. This includes all software and hardware troubles you may be experiencing.

Handheld Device Repair (Phones, Tablets, iPods etc)

For all repairs we ONLY use genuine or grade A+ parts and pieces such as for phone screens. The reasons behind this are because though a little more expensive, the difference in quality is highly apparent. Non genuine screens for phone repairs like in the malls will be less responsive, noticeably different coloration when put side by side with a genuine screen, more apt to break as they are thinner, and generally more likely to fail. We give a warranty on all work done and to ensure we stand behind our warranties. This is why the higher quality parts.

Classes/Tutorials. These are one on one tutorials to learn whatever it is that a client is looking for. As in, photoshop, new operating systems, computer basics, tablet operation etc. We right fit the client with someone who is versed in the field that they are looking to learn and they learn at their own pace and can ask any questions that they have. We have taught in groups before and at some senior centers but we personally have found a more inviting atmosphere when someone can learn exactly what they want to know without a truly set curriculum is more beneficial.

Computer IT Retail Shop. Our location based in Seymour CT is the homebase for operations. Here we have a plethora of inventory, and the technicans in house to care for your systems.We also host a sales floor where we offer new and refurbished computers, laptops, and other electronic devices.